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Kalaash and its culture

Kalasha valleys are located in Northern Pakistan in Chitral district. Kalasha valleys are surrounded Hindu Kush Mountains which doubled the beauty of these valleys.  People of kalasha valleys are called kalash people.

When i was researching about this place, i remembered a friend of mine who was from Pakistan and knew about Kalash Valleys. He was a tree care expert and was currently working over He told me that it is to be said that a man name Shalak Shah (forefather of Kalash people) came to Chitral from Tsyam and Tsyam was the origion of Kalash people but no one knows about location of Tsyam. Shalak Shah has four sons and he divided these Kalasha valleys among his four sons. No one knows that what happened after Shalak Shah?

They follow the ancient Hinduism. They are non-Muslims. Their language, culture and tradition are very different and belong to Hinduism. Their tradition and culture are totally contra to Muslims and Pakistan. They don’t welcome to Muslims. They are protected by Pakistan government under special constitutions and legislations. Kalash people are smallest minority of Pakistan.

Kalash people celebrate their festivals and occasions with whole heart. They celebrate many festivals some of them are highly religious in nature (celebrate without dance and singing) and some are religious as well as festivities. They welcome the spring in start of May by celebrating Joshi. In December the grand festival of Kalasha valleys is celebrated by whole valley to welcome the New Year which is called Chaumos. Other events are Uchaw and Pul/Poh etc.

Women in Kalasha valley wear long black robe which are often embroidered and men wear shalwar kameez.

Marriages in Kalasha Valleys are held in early ages (especially of girls). Different and awkward thing is if woman wants to change her husband than she is allowed to do so but in this case she has to write a letter to her prospective husband and offering her in marriage and inform him (prospective husband) how much amount her current husband had paid for her. The prospective husband must have to pay the double amount if he wants that woman.